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Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur Fan Club

Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur is an iconic piece of Two Harbors history. Originally, he was the centerpiece of the Voyageur Museum located next door to the Voyageur Motel in Two Harbors, Minn. After the museum was torn down, Pierre was almost removed along with it. Luckily, a Facebook Page and a dedicated group of fans saved the statue from certain doom. 

In 2011 Pierre was moved to his new, permanent home in front of the Earthwood Inn. He can be seen right on Highway 61 as you drive into the city of Two Harbors. Really, you can’t miss him. He’s 20-feet tall!

Join the Club

Here at the Fan Club, we encourage fans to share photos and stories of their time with Pierre. Whether it be during his time in front of the Voyageur Motel or over by the Earthwood Inn. Or maybe you were just a fan on Facebook! A fan is a fan and we love fans of Pierre!

Right now there are no perks to the Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur Fan Club. Other than hearing more about him. And bragging rights. This is just a fun way to share your thoughts and stories about Two Harbors’ iconic statue. Perhaps someday we will expand the fan club to include some awesome Pierre goodies! Stay tuned.

To join the club just fill out the form below. Scroll down to see what others are saying about Pierre. Note: this is a new club… there might not be much there yet!

Poor Pierre has no official fan club members… yet! Do you want to be the first? You should.  Pierre is awesome! Fill out the form above and we will add you and your story to this section.  And look, you can include photos, too!

Is the first spot already taken? Don’t worry! Being Pierre’s #2 fan is also really awesome! So, this should be you. Fill out the form above to join the club.  You can include your Pierre selfies! Up to 3 of them!

I mean, I’m sure Pierre has more than 3 fans. He has to, he’s awesome! So when the third story gets submitted, that will take this awesome Fan #3 spot. Talk about bragging rights!

Don’t forget to submit your selfies!

Listen to the Statues of the North Shore podcast episode featuring Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur:

Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur Fan Club Pinterest